David Hilliard Smith was born in southern New Jersey to a family who always embraced the arts. He was a very active person from a very young age, playing football, basketball, and baseball, as well as taking private art and cello lessons for 15 years at home and at the New Jersey School of Music. His desire to experience as much as he could in life was driven by his boundless curiosity in all things. In 2010, David bought his first camera and started shooting everything from abstract architecture to compelling silhouettes. Satisfying a passionate desire to express himself, David quickly comprised an array of beautiful images, all of which made him who he is today.

I try to see beauty in all things large and small, abstract and literal, beautiful and ugly. The minute I feel tempted to create a photograph I know how the scene itself is speaking to me. It allows me to realize that my interest is compelling and meaningful in some way. Making photographic art has become a very personal thing to me; I constantly aim to satisfy my mind’s eye. Photography, to me, is a beautiful form of self expression and the most effective way, as is music, to reach the person that I am. My inspiration comes from an appreciation for life and the moments within it. Each fleeting moment, each passing second, falling beautifully into the past, drives me to capture the experience through my lens. The camera, to me, is who we are, were, and forever will be.